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Lifting You Higher TV Ministries has a format consisting of teaching and ministering the Word of God, conducting interviews with guests from throughout the state and nation, praying for the sick on the prayer line, sharing testimonials, and presenting musical and other talents.

This is the only women-owned Christian minority program of its caliber to have remained on the air for the length of time that this program has remained on.

God gave Hannah a vision to reach out to the mass of people via television in July, 1993. She started without a budget, no prior television experience, and no one to coach her. She took a leap of faith from the classroom to the studio with a vision and a word of confirmation from God to make the first step of faith and He would do the rest.

Today thousand of individuals call the prayer line on a consistent basis expressing how much they are blessed as they watch this program from week to week. There are those who have made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior as a result of watching the program. Others have been healed, delivered, and have found their purpose in life as a result of watching how God put His seal of approval on the work that Hannah is doing as result of her taking a leap of faith to walk in her purpose.

Many well known local, state, national, and several international individuals have appeared as guests on the program. The list includes pastors, ministers, gospel song artists, sports figures, comedians, politicians, poets, and authors, to name a few.

Our Television Schedule:

Sunday Mornings at 7:30 on WXXV Fox 25 in Gulfport

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