Community Project Assistance Program (C-PAP)


Our Mission is to provide assistance for disabled senior citizens and other needed individuals who meet specified guidelines by completing minor house hold repairs, and yard work within the Hattiesburg, MS area.

C-PAP is a volunteer community outreach program sponsored and coordinated by Hannah Hopkins Ministries through partnership with community volunteers. We are a (501) (C3) organization. Other community outreach programs under this umbrella include; partnering with Christian Services in providing volunteer ministry via Bible Study and Christian counseling for needed individuals.

The primary purpose of C-PAP is to provide assistance to senior citizens and other individuals who meet specified guidelines, by providing minor around the house repairs and yard work. (see list of repairs)

Because we do not have a budget, participants are responsible for purchasing their own materials while C-PAP provide repairs. These services are rendered on a first come, first serve basis.


Each person who is interested in receiving assistance must complete an application for approval. This program is open to disabled Senior citizens on a lower socio-economic level and to needed individuals who show proof of needing around the house assistance without needed resources. 

At the present time, we are limited to the amount of services we are able provide due to the lack of a funds. We are therefore, seeking funds from businesses, faith based organizations, along with lay people, to partner with us via financial donations and / or supplies and materials. We are also in need of additional volunteers. Please keep in mind that all donations are tax-dedictible.

You may contact us via email at or by writing to:

Community Project Assistance Program
P.O. Box 17405
Hattiesburg, MS 39404

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